Navigating this Website

Rather than ramble on about looking at the stars, and watching a needle float on some water, I think I'll actually be sensible, and help you to try and work your way around my site. I hope you appreciate this [grin].

The first thing to mention is that all of my pages have, in the bottom right hand corner, an image - the symbol varies. It will either send you to a referring main page from which you have come, or it may send you to the help page. Here is a vague summary of all the logos I have used in this way, and to which page they point:

A logoThe basic one that should either take you to the help pages, or to the main page of the maze, or somewhere else. Look, how do you expect me to remember each individual circumstance? I only write these pages.
Another logoThis one is used in my classics pages (plug, plug) and refers you back to the main page. Or should do.
One more logoHere we have the logo in use on my Eternal Chaos III MUD pages that refer back to the EC3 main menu page.
Yet another logoOnly used on one other page other than my logo page. Find the page and I'll send you something cool. Smartarses beware: this page doesn't count.
It's a logoThis little fellow lives in the corner of my puzzles pages and will lead you back to the main page menuing all of the puzzles on offer.
Guess whatUsed in the quotes pages to refer to the main page.
Yeah, yeahThis unusual little fellow lies in waiting in my spoon pages. Visit them to find out.
I get the ideaI can't honestly remember if I ever used this one. It may be floating around somewhere.
Getting tediousAllegedly used in the creativity pages, wherever they may currently be. I think.
=yawn=And speaking of thinking, this'll be the philosophical terminator. For anyone who actually has looked at my philosophy pages.
Ho-humAnd finally the one that I use in my maths pages, fun though they be.

Okay, so that wasn't an immense amount of useful information, but you get the general idea. You get chucked to a help page or a referring page, and some sections have their own logos. That's it.

There are several sections to my website, and many ways to categorise its content. Essentially, this is how it is set out, working from the initial third.html and moving outwards...

That's basically the layout of my site as you see it. If you can't manage to find your way about now, then I'm worried. It all seems pretty simple to me and my playtesters. If everything else fails, try clicking on the underlined pieces of text - that usually seems to do something...