the competition

A while ago I discovered (to my surprise and delight) that some people were actually quite fanatical about my site, and were challenging themselves to visit every page (at the time I had just over one hundred active pages). Well now that we're into the third incarnation, a new challenge awaits the brave - find the hidden pages. Lying around my website are an unlisted number of pages that are not linked to from any of the general public access pages. These pages all have eight-letter filenames. If you find one, and many of them should be quite easy to uncover, you'll be given a code word which you have to e-mail to me together with your name and situation. Full details of the rules and other incidental details will be sent to you on receipt of a code word. What that means is, you'll have to find a page before I give away why you're doing this. That's the way I like it.

Your starting hint is to watch out for groups of eight letters making up words and trying them out. They're all in the form of xxxxxxxx.html. Happy hunting!

On reflection, that sounds a bit unclear. Although it's tempting to actually leave it at that, I think I should be a touch clearer. What I mean to say is that there are no links to any of these hidden pages. To find one you have to type in an address for the page yourself by hand. All of these pages have eight letter filenames, in lower case letters, with the ".html" extension. Clearer? Good.