A Study of Settings

My friends will tell you that I'm a bit fanatical about White Wolf games. Well that's not entirely correct. I'm just a good collector. If I get something and I like it, I like to get what's associated with it, as well. What this means is that I've got nearly all of White Wolf's Storyteller System game books. Trust me when I say that's a whole lot of tree. But merely having all of the books doesn't make me a fanatic - just someone with more money than sense. No, what makes me a fanatic in the eyes of those closest to me is quite how much of the stuff I know. Oh yeah, and that I cross-referenced the entire system on my computer. Little things like that, y'know? Basically speaking, wherever I go, I'm a local White Wolf guru. And so, without further ado, I present to you my Internet resources for White Wolf's "stuff":

May I also take this opportunity to recommend to you Uncle Figgy's Guides to role-playing (both running and playing games). Its very good stuff. Sensible and true. You may want to print off copies and give them to people you know - you know who I mean...