Eternal Chaos III

EC3 is a MUD, a "multi-user dimension". For those who remain clueless, we're talking something along the lines of a role-playing game and a text adventure game on which many people can play concurrently, with all of the functions of a talker as well. And that's all I have to say about that.

Here's my two pennies' worth of devotion to the cause:

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These pages are my own work, independent of the administrators of EC3. Most of the text within, however, has been lifted straight from the help files of the MUD. Because of this, the information contained herein is copyright to EC3 (and the particular authors), but the formatting and layout is apparently copyrighted to myself. Curious that. But I have to put this in for legal reasons. Essentially, I'm providing a service to players on the MUD, and whether it is endorsed by the implementers and the players will determine the success of what I have put into motion here.