A Study of Numbers

I'm unusual. Most people would agree with me on that point. One of my unusual traits is that I actually like maths. In fact, I'm very passionate about the subject. I could easy go on at you for hours about some obscure mathematical theories. Well, to save you this living torture, I've instead organised my maths onto my website. That way, I can quite happily know that it's there, available for anyone to use, and you can quite happily ignore it completely. Cunning, huh? Here's how I want to organise things around here:

As it is, I haven't actually done much for these pages yet, and there are only links to my personal work. But I will, one of these days, get around to shoving something more up here. And when I do, you can rest easily, safe in the knowledge that there exists some maths on the 'net that you can ignore entirely. Of course, this plan of mine is totally without any basis in the real world. See how far I got with the classics server? Guess how far I'll get in this. But one thing I have started on is some maths puzzles for a bit of fun.