I have a little logo, and I like it very much, and it's all mine! You've probably noticed it already since it, or variations on it, are found on every page of this website. For the imperceptive amongst you, this is it:



So where does it come from? Why do I use it? You may have gathered through some of my other pages that I am a mathematician (in the sense that I enjoy maths and do it for fun, rather than as a profession, although it does feature majorly in my career as an actuary anyway). Possibly my most favourite number (for reasons I can't really express) is the number 8. Being male and into maths, I also like the resolute precision of squares and straight lines, and by association the sharp dilineation afforded by alternating black and white (or any two contrasting colours, for that matter).

This scan shows a corner of a school jotter of mine...

[Note to Stelio: get your scanner working, and put in the rest of this document!]

Variations on a theme

These are different versions of my logo that I have created to use as terminators on my web pages.

Logo Classics Logo EC3 Logo Philosophy Logo Inverted Logo Maths Logo
Puzzles Logo Quotes Logo Red Yellow Logo Spoon Logo Unused Logo Words Logo

Here are some ways that two copies of the logo can be fitted together. Some slight variations on these are possible (changing the parts where they interlock).

Interescting at 1-2Interescting at 1-3Interescting at 1-4Interescting at 1-5
Interescting at 2-2Interescting at 2-3Interescting at 2-4Interescting at 2-5
Interescting at 3-3Interescting at 3-4Interescting at 3-5
Interescting at 4-4Interescting at 4-5
Interescting at 5-5


And here's a couple of stylised versions of the logo in the form of Passaris picture puzzles. Solve the first in 97, and the second in 103!

Solve in 97

Solve in 103