A Study of The Self

I have plans to put more on here. Plans, plans, plans... That's all you hear from me, isn't it? Well, damn it, it'll have to do you for now, because I have a life outside of the Internet.

Images: I thought I could resist forever. I was wrong. I have finally succumbed to the evil of placing photographs of my good self on the Internet. I stand ready to receive general public humiliation in light of this revelation. Realise that I'm only doing this because people asked, okay? I guess I have to play for my audience. Grumble.

Words & Phrases: Be the envy of all your friends and mimic my speech patterns today by employing phrases commonly heard from my mouth. Gaze in apathetic indifference as I reminisce over my past through the exploration of my phrasiology.

The Ultimate Survey: ...and what it says about me. Try it yourself as you go along. It reveals some interesting things about your character, y'know.