The Great Leather Candyfloss Debate!

Yes, that's right! The great Leather Candyfloss debate! Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? You can decide. The results so far indicate that yes, it is a good thing! If you'd like to make your opinion known, then drop me a line to tell me your thoughts... I wanted to do a bit more work on this page, but I probably won't. I started this a while ago, but it's recently taken off again, so I should really do something about it. Just briefly, I'd like to thank Steve Wallace, Andy Walton, and especially big special huge thanks to Colin Sims and all of his friends at (hi guys!).

If you want to make your thoughts known, I'll post any comments on a debates page. I reserve the right to edit. You'll notice that the links below are to e-mail addresses. This is prefered. You'll probably also notice that a lot of these addresses are at - but it's not me! You know what happens - old friends move on, lose their e-mail addresses. Life sucks. I don't care.

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