Hey there, I'm pleased to meet you. Allow me to introduce myself: my name's Stelio. Fate has dumped you here, and I've no qualms about that. May your stay be long and pleasant. You're in my website now, and that makes me subject to your mercies. So tell me, which subject will it be?

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Preparatory Notes: There are few images in my website, so you shouldn't have too many problems with speed of loading. There's no great use of scripted languages and the like, so nothing should break down on you. Frames [shudder] are entirely absent. <BLINK> must and shall die. Clicking on my image in the bottom right hand corner of the pages usually takes you somewhere handy, like a referring menu page or a help file. Unless otherwise stated, everything contained herein is copyright to myself, Stelio Passaris, in any relevant year. That roughly covers everything, I suppose. Have fun!


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