Ariadne's Guide to the Maze

What's the maze? Well, it's the original incarnation of Stelio's web site. He's a great lover of nostalgia, so he's loathe to delete any old files. If you really want to, you can dive into this morass of old pages and see for yourself what twisted passages he thought up. A lot of this stuff links to pages outside of his site. If you'd rather stay within the confines of his mind, try out his brain for size - that covers all his own work.

So... You're wanting to go into the maze? Fair enough - it's your free time you're wasting. My advice to you? Do what the Hell you like. I don't care. But remember, you've got yourself a lifeline to save your butt if needs be - never forget your back button. It's oh so very useful. Last words of help: watch out for the bullheaded guy. He kicks ass. Go to!