Miscellaneous Topics

What doesn't fit elsewhere will happily find a home here. Think of this as a bric-a-brac shop, with interesting curios mixed in with worthless junk. Sounds just like the rest of my website, really. I guess I'll just leave you to do the usual, whatever your usual is.


Leather Candyfloss: The great leather candyfloss debate! Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? Why not share your views with the thousands... hundreds... *tens* of others who have made their views known!

Puzzles: A miscellany of mentally manipulative mindbenders. Or something like that, anyhow. Some with prizes, some without, some without even points. But all attempt to divert your attention and make you think in a different circle.

EC3Eternal Chaos III: Herein may be found diverse pages concerning the great MUD known to its supporters and detractors alike as EC3. Join in with the community spirit of its faceless friendly players.EC3

Idle Threats: Does exactly what it says on the link. Refresh or reload to provoke change.

Quotes: A while ago, when I was still at school, Mo and I made started writing some quotes on a bit of paper. This grew into eight quotes sheets. See the results of our wasted time here.

Classics: What's this? Yet another link to that classics server of mine? Maybe if I put less time into linking to it and more time into writing it, it wouldn't be so incomplete. One day...