My website, as you currently see it, is now in its third incarnation. I first started work on my pages in the summer of 1996, writing everything in a jotter, not having access to computer facilities on the Greek island on which I was staying. Now, as I'm writing this two years later, I'm sitting at a laptop on the same island, Aegina, where my parents now live. What goes around, comes around.

The original idea of my site, which now constitutes the maze, was to reflect my personality. I wanted something different from the average web page. I'd seen so many sites that were to all intents the same, just with different names, and photographs of the author's dog instead of the author's wife. Not me. I opted for a huge number of pages, and to utilise the ability to link to its fullest. Consistency flew out the window, as each page had its own unique (and usually rather vile) colouring. As you can imagine, it was quite a mess - just what I was after!

I started out by shoving my pages on Angelfire, but at the time they were offering very little space indeed (100kb I think?), so I soon moved over to Geocities. This was back in the good old days, when they only had 1Mb to offer everyone. Geocities was great, and to this day I have nothing but praise to say about them. I'd recommend them to anyone, and if you mail me personally, I'll tell you what I really think.

The second incarnation was just me adding on new bits, updating old bits, revamping ideas, and generally tidying up. A new front page got added, large files appeared. Indices had to be installed on the larger pages. The site generally grew, as life tends to, and evolved as it wanted to.

This year, I'm again awash with ideas, wanting to add so much that the old setup just wouldn't do. So here we are: a new incarnation, the third, lies before you in all of its splendour and glory, and to go with it is a third site hosting. Since I purchased my own domain name ( I have been using Virtual Avenue for their free URL forwarding service. That, and they don't use pop-up menus, and they give a lot of space.

I don't think I'll ever finish my work on it. I've got too many ideas and interests, and not enough time. I guess that's how it is for anyone. The latest manic idea is the competition. I'll not say anything here that may spoil the challenge. If you're interested, check out the Extra Special Offer section...

Well that's enough ramblings and hints of mystery for me. I'm off to write a few more pages... I hope you like what I've done. I receive all mail quite happily. I even reply to some!


Links: Angelfire, Geocities, Virtual Avenue, e-mail.