Ha! Aha-ha-hah! I have succeeded! I've got myself an ISP that's working (for now) and I'm happy with. I've got myself a new (hopefully more stable) e-mail address: stelonex@yahoo.co.uk. And I've actually got around to uploading a whole bunch of pages that have been languishing on my hard drive and dreaming of public appearances.

Now, all I need to do is convince Internic that I really am me, and that way I'll be able to properly redirect all stelio.net mail to the right place, and I'll be able to move somewhere other than Virtual Avenue. Sure, they were good, but since when did they suddenly start spawning pop-ups all over the place? And what is with them turning whole tracts of my pages into links for their unwelcome advertisements? Forgive me, but I think that's both rude and unethical. And I, for one, shall leave as soon as I am able.

So, what's new? Well there's a fair few updates that I've done. What I really need to do is work on the vast host of broken links that permeate my site. You must forgive me, but most pages were written so long ago, and there's so many for me to check (especially on the frog). So patience, I pray, and also I really should spend my time at home buried in my notes revising. Nothing in particular I want to mention really. Go have a look if you want, and tell me what needs work.


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