Rmmmmbbl. *ahem* Yeah, I know, it's been an even bigger gap between this progress report and the last, than the gap before that. Obviously being a working man is a very different life indeed to the idyllic playground of student existence. I tell you, ever since I left university and lost my fast free internet connection, I've hardly done any browsing at all. Not to mention site updates or reading e-mail.

On the latter of those points, I've got myself up to date a bit on that (but no replies, mind you). I am afraid, though, that my e-mail handler (Hotmail under the control of the Gates) deleted a lot of my mail before I got to read it. Something to do with my mailbox being full of junk mail. Herbal viagra anyone? Want to make millions in a month? Pictures of teenagers doing things with cream? No-questions-asked credit? Or even CD's with lists of e-mail addresses so that I, too, can become a scourge on the online community by clogging the telephone lines and being cursed by people all over the world? Maybe not. Unfortunately Hotmail doesn't know shit from shin pads and started deleting the oldest messages first. The longer you've been waiting for a reply, the less likely it is that I'll have got your message. Could you try again please? Thanks awfully.

So e-mail aside, I've also done very little new on the site. There are a few tweaks, but it's been so long that I don't even remember what I've updated. Off the top of my head: the puzzles pages, the maths pages, a bit of art, oh and lots of other stuff too. If you can't find it, I'll let you know eventually, maybe.

Offline, I have some bigger news. I've moved to Southampton where I am now the owner of an adult-sized debt. I have become a member of the great mortgaged mass, with a two bedroom flat to my name. All visitors welcome (chuckle). I'm still working in Salisbury, and will be for at least another two years I guess, but I prefer the big city lifestyle. That, and there's a big university here to infiltrate.

My next step, as far as you lot are concerned, is to find myself an ISP I'm happy with. What I want is an unmetered ISP but with a fee that I'm happy with, and a quality of connection that will please me. I'm looking already. Trust me, you lot will be the first to know when I'm all sorted.


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