Right then. Just a brief note this time. I've still not sorted my ISP. I've now got major problems with my e-mail. I'm still living in Southampton (and all is very well indeed) and have successfully infiltrated the uni. I've added some more bits and done some more general updates. Again, it's more on the maths and puzzles, and sundry tidy-ups that I won't bother mentioning. Oh yeah, and plenty more work on EC3 too.

The problem with the e-mail, I should really explain. Some of you may remember that I used to live at Geocities a while ago. Back then I routed all mail I received through my e-mail address there: stelio@geocities.com. This was just a forwarding address which sent everything on to stelio_p@hotmail.com. Now when I purchased this domain name, I had to give a contact e-mail address to Internic, and I gave them stelio@geocities.com, just as I would to anyone else. Retrospectively, this was not the most sensible decision I've ever made, but hey. I realised relatively recently that this may cause some problems. Considering that I was nicely settled in here, and I wanted now to turn off my Geocities account, I set about fixing things, and I asked Internic to change my contact e-mail address to stelio_p@hotmail.com. They said fine, so long as I sent them an e-mail from stelio@geocities.com to authorise this request. This was a problem: stelio@geocities.com was only a forwarding address, and I couldn't route any outgoing mail through it. I explained this to Internic, and proved to them that I was who I was saying I was by returning them copies of their messages that they sent to stelio@geocities.com. They told my to mail their technical people. I did so, and they said fine, so long as I sent them an e-mail from stelio@geocities.com to authorise this request. I ground my teeth. Then the unexpected happened: Geocities decided to turn off my account off their own bat, without telling me. Most helpful, I thought. So now you'll find any mail sent to stelio.net will be sent to stelio@geocities.com, and be bounced back when it finds that that e-mail address no longer exists. I can't think of an easy way to remedy this problem, but give me some time and I'll see what I can do. Hopefully Internic will display that rare mix of intelligence and compassion that I now need.


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