The unflattering stuff. The bilious words that drip from my detractors' fangs, showing their vile contempt for the torture of suffering my ridiculous works. Kind of empty, isn't it? Cool. I appear to be a bit short on heretics right now. Perhaps you'd better try later, when I'm closer to destroying the world. Either that, or you could send me some hate-mail yourself.

That's not entirely true. I do get a bit of stick. Mostly, though, it's from people I know, because they're not afraid to verbally abuse me. They probably consider it revenge of some sort. Mykl often points out what I need to work on in my website, which is very kind of him. I'll get around to printing some of the mail I've had at some point. But not too soon, I think.

Naked woman

I thought I should fill this page out a bit more, so I thought and thought and thought. What would offend people the most? Obviously, I'm considering the general public here, since you odd folk who like and are like me don't get offended by anything much. It's not like I could have a picture of a naked woman running across my screen, since that would be in direct contravention to the contract that I agreed on with Virtual Avenue. No... Instead I chose this picture:

Happy Christ!

Hmm. On reflection, you lot will probably like that. Ah, well. At least I tried to offend you. For those that care, I corrupted the picture myself. The image is an icon of the Crucifixion from Mount Athos in Greece. I found the original picture on this web site. Like you care. Anyway, if I really wanted to offend you, I'd send you somewhere truly disturbing and tell you how I found it very humorous.


**STAR LETTER** Our Star Letter comes from Zekeidra Phillips, a random person on the 'net. I simply had to include this one, as it is just so funny. Also included is my reply...