Who was this man? This prophet of delight,
Whose true thoughts ran with poetry of night?
Discover now the mystery of his past,
But ware! The truth of history changes fast.

It all began on an Autumn day, when I was born. Or perhaps to truly see the scope of what we're talking about, we need to go back further in time, perhaps to the turn of the century, perhaps to Ancient Greece, or perhaps back even unto the fabled Garden of Eden.

Or maybe I'm just be egotistical - or facetious. Waddaya want to know, anyhow? You'll get no startling observations here, I'm sorry to say. What can I tell you about myself? I really can't be bothered to write some huge autobiography. It just isn't worth the bother. If you want to know more about me that much, why not just ask me straight off? You could ask my friends for more impartial views of me. They might be a help. But probably not.

So. At the moment I've finished the Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics course at Heriot-Watt University. That befuddles most people. Accy maths is a kind of financial maths, if you really want to know. The reason I'm doing it is because I like maths (yes, I mean it, I really do like maths. No, really. I'm not kidding) oh, and actuaries get wonderfully large salaries. Groovy, eh?

Anyhow, talking about my old course is boring. But what could I do? Tell you something about myself? Well, here goes. If you've perused much of this maze of pages, then you might be starting to get a certain impression of me. Some people think I'm a nice and lovely guy, others reckon I'm a complete nutter. Most reckon I'm a complete nutter. Hmmm. I'd like to say I was both, but that would just paint a picture of me as being both vain and insane.

What can I possibly say about myself, then? You've put me in a difficult situation. If I say anything good about myself then I'll come across as a vain, immodest, narcissistic wanker. If I point out my bad points, I look like a low-life failure with no self-confidence. Arse. I could just give you facts about myself - things like my exam results - but then this would just be a long list of achievements and qualifications and that would be somewhat boring.

Suffice to say, I am intelligent, but I'm not that hard-working. I'm not hideously ugly, and I'm not drop-dead gorgeous, but I look alright. I may have put a picture of myself somewhere, but that's just a tad cheesy I find, so I'm not telling you where. I like certain things and I dislike other things. The 'like' list is bigger.

You can probably work out many more interesting tidbits of information about me by just browsing through my site. I don't really even see much of a point to having a page about yourself. It is often better to imagine than to know the truth. So there. You can go now.

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