Look - I really do have some friends. If you don't believe me, some of them have web sites. Go visit them. I dare you...

A few of my friends

Mykl Harwood, such a close and true friend of mine.
Kio Smallwood, the bloke with/without the beard from the Falkland Islands. Take it away, Kio!
Rob Grundy, the Guiness fiend who's into Werewolf.
Andy Milne, comic fiend extraordinaire with various other stuff, too.
Jonny Richardson, an Irishman who insists that I'm half gay!
Andy Walton, grinning maniac and fellow gamer.
Chris Lupton, Mr. I'm-gloomy-you-should-be-too. Have fun!
Andy Milne, with his other web site hosted at the university.
Chris Softley, the computing blokie who writes lots of useful progs.
Steve Wallace, the paranoid bloke who likes Deadlands and other such stuff.
Charles Warbasse, some random bloke I met through the Internet.
Jonny Shenton, the only person I know that really hates me.
Kjeld Johanson, the Dane who runs the truly wonderful Pentanet.
Mark Hulme-Jones, and his web page of enlightenment. Or not.
Fridge-on-a-Chain, another of my splintered personalities, I'm afraid.

Other people I've met

Robert Cormier, author of brilliant young adult books.
Griff Rhys Jones, in his capacity as presenter of the Bookworm.
Brian Jacques, author of the Redwall books for children.
Joe Satriani, guitar player extraordinaire.
Dave McKinnon and Terry Whiley, those lads who make Sleaze Castle what it is.
Type O Negative, that dark mean and moody band of metallers.
Doug Bradley, star of the Hellraiser films, and a lovely man.
Ingrid Pitt, an amazing person, and damn fine actress.
Aimee Echo, beauteous vocalist from Human Waste Project and Hero.
Dez Fafara, lead singer of metal group Coal Chamber.
Wayne Morse, drummer for Sacramento heavy metal band Will Haven.
Robert Rankin, author of surreality and imbiber of alcohol.
Clive Barker, author, artist, film-maker, innovator.
Devin Townsend and the other guys of Strapping Young Lad, musicians extraordinaire.

Face it - most of the people that you or I have met, face to face, don't have their own web pages. And that last lot - name dropping or what? Ah well, on with the daily grind.

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