This is the fifth incarnation of Stelio's website. Currently a lot of the old content has been archived, so if you are a seasoned visitor to my pages you may be more interested in the previous versions of the site (particularly the popular third incarnation). I plan to reintroduce some of the old content over time, but I expect this to be a sporadic process so in the meantime you can access the archived versions below.

Current Content

Please bear with me as I reintroduce some meaningful content over the next few months. Requests will be entertained of course.

Wishlist: a list of stuff so that when people ask me what I want as a present, I can point them at this website.

Web Presence: other sites around the internet where you may find me.

Version Control

Please be patient as I restore all of the archived versions below over the next few weeks. My website includes many hundreds of pages and also images and other supporting files. I'll get them all up eventually. In the meantime you can also use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view past versions of websites.

1996First incarnation:A maze-like design, initially planned on paper prior to implementation, and primarily built to confound any visitors.
1997Second incarnation:An expansion of the first maze, with greater content and greater structure.
1998Third incarnation:A redesign that incorporated all of the previous content, but also provided much more and introduced a different split in how it was presented.
2005Fourth incarnation:Ostensibly an advertisement for my parents' house in Greece whilst it was on the market. All other pages remained unlinked.
2006Fifth incarnation:The present version of this website, reintroducing some past content, but remaining stripped down for now.

Last Updated: 4/2/2006
Stelio Passaris