competition help

So you're wanting help for the competition are you? Well I'm afraid that I'm not at liberty to release any related classified information as it may compromise my agents in the field (Calvin et cetera). There are only two places that I know of that can help you in the quest, one of which is a public access page for competitors only, and the other of which is through e-mail correspondence with the organisation responsible for running the competition. If you've never heard of the competition and you've just randomly stumbled into this page, I'll redirect you elsewhere.

To access the public access page, you have to be a competitor, and if you're a competitor you should have already recieved the relevant URL. If you've forgotten it, just drop a line to the usual. If you're wanting to know about Stelonex Enterprises, the company responsible for the competition and other such travesties of the natural world, feel free to dive in.