Welcome to, the personal domain of Stelio Passaris. This page offers an index of the various websites that are hosted here.


A Taste of the Past

A Taste of the Past concentrates on period cooking from a range of historical time periods. They provide a range of services including cookery courses, talks, demonstrations, and catering.

The Banqueting Club

An all-terrain catering company whose specialities include wedding, weekend events, and medieval banquets. Currently the business is not actively trading due to other priorities in the lives of the partners.

Ad Astra!

A stick-figure webcomic by A.R. Bowman based on the Traveller role-playing game. It features science fiction action flavoured with comedy.


Stiki: A local wiki containing a range of articles, with a particular focus on IT topics and games.

Nurgle: A log of all models relating to the fictional entity, Nurgle, for the games produced by Games Workshop.

Archive: Old versions of personal pages hosted here, kept accessible for those that still use them but not updated any more. The link opens a box below that details the different archived sites (unless you don't have scripts enabled, in which case the box will already be displayed).