Here's a little competition for you, a little quiz to while the hours away. The puzzle is this: can you name the artist and song title that go with these lyrics? Covers don't count; we want only the original artists here. Remixes don't count; we only want the original songs. If you're the first person to get the answer right for a particular month's lyric triplet then you are guaranteed to win a prize, no strings attached, no time limit imposed. Send your answers to All winners will be announced as and when their entry is processed by me (when I read my mail, basically) and the answers for solved lyrics will be posted on another page. A new triplet will be added in the first half of every month (or earlier if I think I may be away from an Internet connection for a while).

April 2002

It's time now to learn Portuguese
It's time now to learn what I know
And what I don't know

March 2002

Oh whither has my lady wandered
I'll search until I know
I've found her

February 2002

Just run outside
In the desert heat
Make your dress all wet and send it me

January 2002

Is it my secret
One I should never tell
I'll never tell

December 2001

It lay there rusting
I said it smells disgusting
She said it's channel number five

November 2001

Take my arms
Take my legs
Let me see

October 2001

Joanna draws the blinds when she gets home
It's winter and the air outside is freezing
At her door there lies a distant sun

September 2001

When you learned how to fly
Just to learn later on
That there isn't a sky

August 2001

Watching all the women
Shaking, slimming
Come in and cash the cheques

July 2001

You say that it's over baby
You say that it's over now
But still you hang around now come on

June 2001

He's taking it bad
There's absolutely no good reason why
He should accept it with a smile

May 2001

I've been your sister
I've been your mistress
Maybe I was your whore

April 2001

Peter Pan steals the kids in Kensington Park
You read me Shakespeare on the Rolling Thames
The old River Poet that never, ever ends

March 2001

I got my head done
When I was young
It's not my problem

February 2001

I lost my shame today
I lost it in some fields
And this coat I carry is disappearing

January 2001

He's the message
In the midnight
Of your madness

December 2000

Go get your knife
Go get your knife
Now kiss me

November 2000

He couldn't believe how easy it was
He put the gun into his face

October 2000

Where are you going with my conscience
America, come back to me
Come back to me

September 2000

One day girl
You're gonna be bigger than a flea
You're gonna be bigger than that old poison ivy tree

August 2000

It's fun being a pathologist
Slicing up corpses
Especially when they've just been exhumed

July 2000

For you and your laws
You kill and dine
In cold sublime

June 2000

Tears are falling now
It's time to say your vow
It's time to understand

May 2000

There is an artist
He wears nails in his hands
Everybody loves him loves him

April 2000

Why can't love be blind
Instead of just a blind man crying
Why can't love be, why can't love be blind

March 2000

Why did you say those things to make me change my mind?
You know you don't need me
So leave me to love, I'm hurting too much

February 2000

Turn the corner and he's still there
Watching all the people who are passing unaware
Is there a judgement in what he sees?

January 2000

I do believe anger is offset by sorrow
What you destroy today you might regret tomorrow
When you're young and defensive, it becomes offensive

December 1999

If only I could stay with you
My train moves on, you're gone from view
Now I must wait until it's over

November 1999

Curling up inside my private tortures
I nestle into pain
Hug suffering, caress every ache

October 1999

You think I've lost my mind
But you might be the one who's lost my mind
I've been wasting my time

September 1999

I've always been the champ
I know every trick
No freak's gonna beat my hand