My Academic History

I went to a school in Newcastle-upon-Tyne called Ascham House. Nice red uniforms, boys only. I stayed there for all of the junior school and middle school, and for one year of the senior school. Then, I'll have been eight, I went into the Royal Grammar School, in Jesmond, Newcastle - another all boys school. Three years junior school (blue uniforms), and seven years senior school (black uniforms and then two years of suits), and I loved it.

Qualifications gained at the RGS:

Straight after finishing school, I went directly into the second year of a four year Batchelors course at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (Scotland). My degree title was BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Although I enjoyed the social aspects of university immensely, academically I did disappointingly badly, receiving only a third class honours degree. Thankfully, though, Friends Provident decided that they would still employ me, and I'm now studying for the professional qualifications to become an Actuary (6 down, 9 to go). Eventually, I'd also like to take, perhaps, an Open University course. An MMath would be very nice. Just to prove what I could have achieved at university instead.