Graham Cluley - the Official Biography

I was born in Hampshire, England, 8 April 1969. I was educated at France Hill Comprehensive, Camberley and Bristol Polytechnic, Avon where I read Computing. It was okay, but the refectory was worse than the Spanish inquisition.

The first adventure game I ever played was a little number called Planet of Death on Clive Sinclair's ZX81. It was quite a culture shock. I started writing my own adventures on the ZX81, moving onto a Memotech MTX512 and finally a good ol' PC compatible. Jacaranda Jim (my first shareware adventure game) was originally written on a Prime minicomputer at Guildford College of Technology, and then ported to a PC with a little "help" from a fellow student, Alex Bull.

Interests/Hobbies/Embarrassments: Programming, John Lennon, Doctor Who, Joni Mitchell, Chess, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Cheesie biscuits...

Rumours that Mr Cluley is considering buying a second yacht from the proceeds of his adventure games are entirely unfounded.

You're not really interested in all this are you?

Okay then, suit yourself...

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