About the Site

This website has had various forms, each succeeding version having more pages than the previous one. All content has been written by myself, Stelio Passaris, unless specifically stated otherwise. Artwork that has been copied from elsewhere is credited as such. Otherwise, all other artwork is original and is copyrighted to Stelio. *All* pages were originally written using Notepad - who needs more? Larger web pages were edited with Write (Win 3.1) and WordPad (Win 98). My knowledge of HTML was learnt purely through viewing document sources. *All* original artwork was drawn using Paintbrush (Win 3.1) or Paint (Win 98) [I'm not a graphic designer and it's not high quality; what do I care?] or scanned in from physical originals.

The copyright on material contained within this website is complete. Any content not copyrighted to me, is copyrighted to someone else. If you want permission to copy something, send me an e-mail. I'll probably give you permission - but if you don't ask, you run the risk of prosecution.

These pages are hosted by Virtual Avenue who also provide me with free URL forwarding. My domain name,, was registered with InterNIC using Register.Com. Previous hosts, prior to me having my own domain name, were Geocities and (briefly) Angelfire. My e-mail is handled by MSN Hotmail, and previously to that by HoTMaiL.

If there are any other tediously boring questions that you may have for me to answer, I would be glad to further inform you. I can also give you the benefit of my experiences with the various applications and companies listed. All mail to the usual address.