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There are plenty more details about me available on a number of different sites for which I hold membership. Perhaps you'll find out something interesting at one of these places:

RPG Geek Site admin on the RPG domain, so a constant visitor and contains up-to-date information on which games I own and have played.
Facebook A good place to get information about me if you're into stalking (but you'll need to sign up for the evil yourself).
LinkedIn A social networking site for professionals, and so includes an outline of my CV.
PapaNurgle I used to wander around in this forum devoted to the chaos god Nurgle from Games Workshop's fictional universe.
Wikipedia Occasional editor, usually fixing spelling and grammar errors.
Cities An on-line game that I haven't played for rather a long time now.
LiveJournal Extremely rarely updated, and usually "friends only" posts.
NetGoth Never updated or visited.