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What is a wiki?

  • How do you use a wiki?
  • How do you edit a wiki?

See MediaWikiWiki:Help:Contents and MediaWikiWiki:Manual:FAQ for general help on MediaWiki wikis (this site uses MediaWiki).

Wikipedia (which also uses MediaWiki) has particularly excellent content on using and editing wikis: Wikipedia:Help:Contents. Be aware that the content there is written specifically for Wikipedia, but the methods for using this site remain the same.

What is this wiki about?

This is Stiki (short for Stelio's Wiki) and the content here fits broadly into two categories at the moment:

  • IT: which includes various tips for (mainly) software and programming languages.
  • Games: which consists of supporting articles for a variety games of widely different types.

All of this content is very specific, and so is unsuitable for inclusion in a site with a broader remit (such as Wikipedia). Much of this is original content. Where the information is available elsewhere, it is typically in a form or location that is somewhat obscure, so including it here in a more accessible format is still a useful service.


For wiki-related issues, contact a sysop.

For domain-level website issues, contact Stelio since he owns the domain.