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These links reflect my interest in Warhammer 40,000 and in particular for the chaos god Nurgle. They are still a useful source of good websites from a more general enthusiast's point of view.


Useful links to hobby material and fan sites for Games Workshop games:

  • Black Gobbo - This e-zine published on the US Games Workshop website was filled with useful tips and tricks. With the 2008 change to Games Workshop's websites, most of the hobby content was dropped. This link leads to the Internet Archive's saved copies of Black Gobbo; specifically to the article archive that lists the content of issues 1 to 100. (Note that the integrity of internal links may be affected, most visibly in that a number of images may not appear.)
  • Lexicanum - A wiki that documents the game universes for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, and also the real world artefacts surrounding them (books, authors, et cetera). It is the foremost source for incisive information if you haven't got every historic rulebook to hand.
  • Vassal40k - A project to model Games Workshop's games on the VASSAL platform. For legal reasons, the models do not include all of the games' rules, but they are a useful way to test armies before going into the expense of building them, and they are perfect for producing graphics for battle reports.
  • Nurglings - A list of all Nurgling models ever produced by Games Worksop (including those that appear as decorations on other models) with full images. This is a local page, so direct any comments to Stelio.


Fan forums are a great source of inspiration and information, as members advertise their ongoing projects and discuss pieces of game background. This is a list of forums that I browse (with varying levels of regularity):

  • Bell of Lost Souls - Sets a very high standard for quality and coverage of reporting. The "Fly Lords" are primarily interested in Warhammer 40,000 and have produced a number of wonderful codices to cover parts of the game setting that have been neglected by Games Workshop.
  • Papa Nurgle - A fan forum dedicated to Nurgle in all his aspects. The community spirit is very strong, partly due to the relatively small size of the membership, but more to do with the quality of the members.
  • Warseer - Covering all aspects of Games Workshop's products, this is a forum large in both scope and membership. With so much content, there's a lot of dross to trawl through. But some of the information in here is invaluable.

Many other forums, some more niche than others, can be found on the Warvault Webring.


A brief note of the websites for some inspirational hobbyists, whether they display exceptional modelling or painting skills, or simply present an idea in a clever way:

  • Mike Butcher - Chaos Butcher is the personal website of Mike Butcher. He gives tips on how to achieve certain effects, and shows his completed models unpainted so that you can understand how they are constructed.
  • Pake Kuningas - A regular on Papa Nurgle as well (where it is always worth checking out his latest project log), Pake has a fantastic style of painting that really makes his Death Guard stand out. The subtle conversions are great because they're not "in your face" as so many Chaos armies tend to be.
  • Victor Hardy - Winner of multiple Golden Demons and Slayer Swords, Victor Hardy's models have appeared in Chaos codices. In particular, his Daemon Prince is a testament to how amazing it is possible to make a miniature look. (See also: BoLS article.)
  • Jody Tucker - An incredible fantasy Daemons army which uses watch batteries, LEDs, and fibre optics to light up the models from inside. This is an utterly stunning composition.