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"Probably the most challenging game ever devised for the BBC micro."


Movement and Orientation
Z Move left (and fight left)
X Move right (and fight right)
@ Move up a ladder
/ Move down a ladder
↵ Return Jump
C Peek right
V Peek left
Items and Inventory
I Describe current item / Report current score (pauses game)
P Pick up item
D Drop current item
S Store current item in inventory
R Retrieve item from current inventory slot
F10 Select inventory slot 1 (was F0 on the BBC Micro)
F1 Select inventory slot 2
F2 Select inventory slot 3
F3 Select inventory slot 4
← Left Throw current item left
→ Right Throw current item right
↑ Up Throw current item up
↓ Down Throw current item down
Game control
Escape Restart game
F11 Quit game (specific to emulator)