Boring (?) Utilities

  • I used to keep a directory of e-mail addresses for the people from my old school, the RGS, who were in my year. However, since we finished school in 1996, it is no longer feasible for me to keep the list updated. Sorry. If you have any queries relating to my list of leavers from the Royal Grammar School. then your best bet would be to e-mail me for more information.

  • Who here has heard of Robert Rankin? [A host of hands should now be waving at the clouds.] Well I know of a lovely woman who has a convenient directory of nearly everything that goes on in his books.

  • Do you think that those lightbulb jokes things are crap? If so, you won't want to visit the Random Light Bulb Joke site.

  • Pretty pictures! Ooooh!

  • Are you into fractals, or do squiggly coloured bits not interest you?

  • Are you blind? Then why are you reading this? You too can't get a computer with a braile screen...

  • Care to search the web for all manner of tidbits and rubbish like that? Well I recommend you use Alta Vista. Feel free to search Alta Vista from here:

    Have a look through and give me the low down

  • Oh yeah, if you are into the classics at all, you might want to spend a few minutes browsing through some ancient Greek myths, legends, and tales.

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