Not much progress on the HTML front. This on the grounds that I've been busy working, revising, and socialising (although I leave fathoming the order of priority to you). Major news from me is that I faxed my passport to VeriSign, and now they think I'm me! So all mail to stelio.net will now reach me. I am, once more, fully contactable (well, when I read stuff anyway). I'm even checking my mail regular (note that that does not mean replying to mail regularly).

When it comes to my pages, what needed working on half a year ago still needs working on now. No apologies: I just have better things to do. Soon I'll be getting me a new computer too, so you never know; I may get around to tidying things up a bit more. On the subject of pop-ups, I'm working on clearing that up now (more news as and when). Oh, and if any of you folks wanted pages hosting here, feel free to ask. I've got plenty of space and I don't mind helping you lot out (as any who have asked will know).

That'll do for now. Must get back to my revision...


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