The Matrix

The Matrix
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Being a major late nineties film, the hype has been justifiably intense, but thankfully not as bad as I would have thought (we're not talking Star Wars for example). When I went to see it in the cinema, I was ready for a good film but nothing amazing. My expectations were shattered. Stunning visuals, amazing sounds, fantastic storyline. Even the acting surprised me - Keanu Reeves not being wooden (and this is the man who starred in A Walk in the Clouds, the worst film I've ever seen in the cinema). I must admit, the computer graphics did entrance me, but they complement rather than overwhelm the film in its entirety. The soundtrack rocks big time, being mostly heavy stuff (mmmmm). A fantastic piece of multimedia entertainment. If you've seen the film, or if you don't mind the plot being revealed, you could do worse than read my critique.

THE MATRIX (1999) USA, Colour, English language.

The official website contains all you would ever want to know about the film, having interviews with nearly everyone involved. There's also some nice goodies there that I recommend to you. Have a good look around. When it asks you for a password, I have a few to offer you: steak, geof, guns.