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This is just the usual page then encompasses stuff like disclaimers.

Don't be offended - things are done here for satirical content. Opinions expressed herein are the opinions only of that personality, and do not represent the opinions attributed to the whole of the shattered mind.

Pictures take ages to load. I know. That's why I try not to use many (especially as backgrounds). If my colour plans are really that horrible, then complain. Otherwise, at least be thankful that I'm not using the same boring patterns over and over and over and over again.

Don't nick my stuff without credit. That may sound weak and ineffectual, but that's because it is. This is the Internet - what can I do to stop you? Only you limit yourself. However, I would appreciate credit for my work. After all, everything written on these pages in copyright to myself, unless otherwise stated.

Join Virtual Avenue. Without them you wouldn't have had the opportunity to read these things. They really do provide a good service and they really do give completely free, without charge, and totally costless web pages out to anyone.

Don't join the dark side. It isn't worth the bother - even though you do get to wear black leather.


And if pages are taking a really long time to load, or if it seems to be freezing, I'm sure you're competent enough to work it out for yourself.

If you have any comments to make on my pages, the way they have been designed, or my use of the programming language, don't hesitate to make these thoughts of yours known to me.

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