English Cheese

Forgive me for saying this, but I am of the opinion that the English can be, perhaps, too polite in their use of their humble language, stooping to the over-complexifying of their speech structure to such an extent that it tends towards the inscrutable. And I'm sorry, but it can grow to the point that I am fair rankled by the amount of apologising that they make use of, in the rare case that they could possibly be offending some personage or other. These are just my own thoughts, though, and do not correspond to others of the British nationality and I wouldn't want anyone to take them the wrong way. Please, ignore my pointless perlocusions and continue on your merry way. I hope you, or any other acquaintances of yours, do not think too low of me for this, my lowly gripe. [Sarcasm, it would seem, suits me not...]

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