Gaze Upon My Arrogance

"Don't you think that it's a touch big-headed to say that you own the best HöL page on the Internet?"

Well of course it is. I have an ego the size of small African nation. But vanity does not spring forth from fallacy. It is true. The basis I'm working on here is content over style. Anyone with a firm grasp of the techniques involved and some artistic tendencies can whip up a beautiful page. Failing that, they can pay someone else to do it for them. My point is, I don't have a flash looking page. In fact, it's really cut down, and so loads up quickly and can be viewed on any browser. But the content... The content is the real part of any web site. There aren't that many HöL pages out here - check out the other pages on the subject here if you like. The majority of these pages are filled with either chunks copied or scanned from the original books themselves, or are replete with characters rolled up from Buttery Wholesomeness. Like any fool with some time to waste and a couple of dice could do that. What I value is true original content. There does exist some original work out there. I recommend Wastit's HõL World for some lovely original graphics. However, the amount of stuff that I have to offer the hopeful HöL worshipper is unparalleled. And it's practically all original, too. So have yourself a wallow in these pages, knowing that you are honoured enough to be a part of the best HöL pages on the Internet. My thanks.